Saturday, August 20, 2011

A trip to the Big Apple

There is one thing I absolutely love about living in New Jersey - most likely only one thing as well- and that is it's proximity to NYC.

Having more than half of my family from Long Island meant a ton of trips into the city growing up. I was on the LIRR so much that when I was about 15 I even fantasied about meeting my husband on it. I was going to be 25 and running to catch it so I essentially jump on and spill Starbucks onto the lap of a very attractive late- 20-something business man. I would apologize and offer to pay for a new pair of pants once into the city. He offers me the seat next to him and after the trip we would get off and he would ask me out.

So somethings didn't work that way. I met my husband interviewing for a job at Hollywood Video at 17 and we were married 2 months ago (23 yrs old).

So I try to make a monthly trip in to see Bravo friends, family or now, sorority sisters. A sister recently moved into the city and I just had to go take a trip to meet her. We were in the same pledge class and insanely close will we were "new members".

Popping off the bus we had a little turmoil meeting up but finally found each other. Starving we made our way to my absolute favorite pizza place ever, Famous Famiglia. Ironically enough when in the city we always walk down to about 8th and Broadway Ave to get some. Turns out there was one quite literally diagonal from the bus stop.

After some yummy pizza we hit the streets to look around and talk some more. We hit a few of the tourist areas - like Times Square and the Library. In my defense I had to show her where the half price tickets were and I have totally always wanted to take a picture with the lions outside the library. After playing in the Hersey store and searching for what seemed like forever we found the perfect Irish Pub, Blaggard's.

And so we had our first of age drink together....and then another. The bartender was this adorable Irish man. He even told me that Magner's was really just the American name for Bullmer's!! Can you say happy Lexi? I had become completely addicted to the stuff in Ireland and crazy depressed when I thought it wasn't important anywhere. He totally let us come back behind the bar and take a picture a together!

Walking to the bus stop we passed by the Madison Square Garden Borders. The going out of business sale was too easy to resist and we wound up inside. Needless to say I wish we had some in Jersey. I walked away with 9 books for $44. Couldn't be happier!

All in all a very successful trip in and I can't wait for the next one in a few weeks!

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