Monday, August 8, 2011

Everyone Get into a Circle Based on your Birthday....

That's how one of the most important things in my life starts every year. It is how they get everyone to meet everyone else and this is my attempt at that!

This is one of my first divulgences into the world of blogging. I say one of my firsts because throughout the years I keep attempting to start one...get three or five posts in and then poof! There goes the blogging. It is my hopes to be more attentive now. Especially since it's such a good thing for journalists to do!

Where to start. Perhaps a quick overview of myself, a snapshot in time if you will.

Where was I? Oh right. Me at a glance. I am 23 years old and recently married. My husband is a member of the USCG. Currently, we live in New Jersey and are anxiously awaiting the next step...the next unit. I have my BA in creative writing from UCR and my MA in journalism from Emerson College. The goal from those two? Write for Cosmopolitan Magazine. A girl can certainly dream.

I have many passions in life but few trump reading, shopping and animals. I have 3 awesome pups, a parrot and a terror of a rabbit! We've been known as the animal farm more by more than one person. I read to escape everything. Don't waste your time asking me what I read, or who my favorite author or favorite book is. I read everything and take it day by day. That being said, my heart will always flow towards Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, and Heather Grahman before any other authors.

Movies...what a subject. Picking a favorite is almost as important and difficult as picking with books. So I'll leave you with a few: The Mummy, P.S.  I Love You, Moulin Rouge, A Knights Tale,Evolution, Hercules and 13 Ghosts. My love will always be horror movies but recently, Hollywood has been letting me down in that department.

Random obsessions. I think everyone ought to have some of these. In the past few years I seem to have developed enough for a few people :). Reindeers...there is something absolutely wonderful and amazing about these fellas, I even make Mike get me something reindeer every Christmas. Lighthouses....they are so beautiful and representative. me where this one came from. I was shopping in Marshall's and saw one and BOOM! 

In terms of blood family, I have a very small one. No siblings, a few cousins. My husband is the same. Right before our wedding we had the realization that our poor children will have no aunts and uncles, no cousins and more importantly no grandfathers...guess that means it's up to the grandmothers to spoil them rotten whenever they make an appearance to the scene. But to me, that is no the only family I have. There are two very important families to add to that. The first would be my Bravo family Camp Bravo....well I won't say anything about it here because this post would never end. But I have been apart of that camp for 12 years and every year my family grows. The other is Delta Gamma. I love my sisters and cannot think of how I would've gotten through many moments in both undergrad and grad school without them.

Phew! I think that's enough to read for now :) So for tonight I will leave it here and start my first real weekly post tomorrow! Goodnight world!

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