Sunday, August 28, 2011

A new trend....indoor BBQ

So I just might be onto something lol. Why stand outside in the elements and get attacked by bugs when you can sit in the nice air conditioned living space, listen to music and sit on comfortable couches instead of plastic or rod iron patio furniture?

But really, last Sunday we had a very tiny indoor BBQ because our community doesn't allow the real deal. But we won't comment on that because that isn't what this blog is about! So I bet you're thinking:

"Indoor barbecuing? How does that work?"

Good news is I'm here to tell you! First get a George Foreman. I'm going to recommend one of his bigger models because let's face it, it's normally a large event. From there make sure you have all the essential ingredients alcohol wise - and throw in some raspberry chocolate wine and alcoholic whipped cream, for a dessert drink. Then grab some Just Dance and a cheesy movie like Labyrinth and you're good to go.

ahh the perfect way to indoor BBQ

And that is exactly what we did this Sunday. I picked up Kasey at the bus and Chris and Mike were drinking cokes when we got back...cokes lol. It's funnier when you know what we had in the fridge alcohol wise.

That about sums up the amazingness that was that night in terms of blogging. There were some absolutely wondrous versions of Just Dance 2 by the four of us as well as some VERY big forms of cheating *cough cough*.

Around 2am we called the dancing quits and after a ton of complaining on my part for steak and eggs I got up and made us all some. Popping in Labyrinth, because a certain two of us had no knowledge of the amazing movie we cuddled down onto the amazing couch to watch, before crashing in various rooms for the night :)

So indoor BBQ - cool or lame? I'm going to go with cool, you be the judge.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A trip to the Big Apple

There is one thing I absolutely love about living in New Jersey - most likely only one thing as well- and that is it's proximity to NYC.

Having more than half of my family from Long Island meant a ton of trips into the city growing up. I was on the LIRR so much that when I was about 15 I even fantasied about meeting my husband on it. I was going to be 25 and running to catch it so I essentially jump on and spill Starbucks onto the lap of a very attractive late- 20-something business man. I would apologize and offer to pay for a new pair of pants once into the city. He offers me the seat next to him and after the trip we would get off and he would ask me out.

So somethings didn't work that way. I met my husband interviewing for a job at Hollywood Video at 17 and we were married 2 months ago (23 yrs old).

So I try to make a monthly trip in to see Bravo friends, family or now, sorority sisters. A sister recently moved into the city and I just had to go take a trip to meet her. We were in the same pledge class and insanely close will we were "new members".

Popping off the bus we had a little turmoil meeting up but finally found each other. Starving we made our way to my absolute favorite pizza place ever, Famous Famiglia. Ironically enough when in the city we always walk down to about 8th and Broadway Ave to get some. Turns out there was one quite literally diagonal from the bus stop.

After some yummy pizza we hit the streets to look around and talk some more. We hit a few of the tourist areas - like Times Square and the Library. In my defense I had to show her where the half price tickets were and I have totally always wanted to take a picture with the lions outside the library. After playing in the Hersey store and searching for what seemed like forever we found the perfect Irish Pub, Blaggard's.

And so we had our first of age drink together....and then another. The bartender was this adorable Irish man. He even told me that Magner's was really just the American name for Bullmer's!! Can you say happy Lexi? I had become completely addicted to the stuff in Ireland and crazy depressed when I thought it wasn't important anywhere. He totally let us come back behind the bar and take a picture a together!

Walking to the bus stop we passed by the Madison Square Garden Borders. The going out of business sale was too easy to resist and we wound up inside. Needless to say I wish we had some in Jersey. I walked away with 9 books for $44. Couldn't be happier!

All in all a very successful trip in and I can't wait for the next one in a few weeks!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Group...Swag!!

I started this blog off by describing an activity done as a way to introduce people together at one of the most important places in my life, Camp Bravo. This place has been apart of my life for 12 years, yes literally half of my life. But more than that- this place has made me the person that I am today. Without it, who knows what would have happened to that shy 11 year old.

There is nothing out there that is like this place. And thank goodness for that because a person really should only have one refuge from the world. This place is mine. I went "up the mountain" as we call it summer from 6th to 7th grade for the first time. Nothing will ever be like it. I realize I'm saying the same things over and over without actually saying anything and that's because this place is not an experience that can be explained.

For 7 amazing years I was able to go up to this place of wonderment and forget about the day to day life. I was a camper then and had some of the most wonderful minds and talents to pick and take direction from. These staff members, along with David and Artur, the directors, shaped me. They taught me lessons in life that far exceeded that of an acting camp. The campers I met helped create the personality that I have developed. And many are still in my life so many years later.

And then the day came when I "aged out", when I was too old to be a camper. It was a bittersweet year because I had to race to UCR cheer camp and missed out on so many final moments. But there was salvation.

I don't know if I'll ever forget the shout I let loose that day freshman year when I had an email asking me to join the counseling staff. Let's just say I might have more than slightly scared Mike and his roomies.

Now, 5 years later I am without a doubt who I am because of my experiences as a counselor. The responsbility, and the fun that has come with the position are completely life changing. But more important is the relationships. Five years later I still talk with the first people I counciled with, still seek advice when I need it from the instructing staff.

Every year I come "down the mountain" with a fresh set of memories and a new love for my true sanctuary in this world thus far. Those people, that place, have been around for me when I have needed help more than anything.

So while this is a catch up post this really wasn't. So I guess briefly I will list some of the best moments of the week:
-Gleek staff collage
-doing Hairspray a la Rocky Horror Style
-watching my campers do their projects in each workshop
-killing spiders with sunscreen
-late nights in Craig's
-talking with my girls

There is nothing I can do but post a video and allow you all a glimpse into the craziness and wonderousness that is life of the mountain.

Bravo Swag

While texting one of the most amazing people ever tonight, the Shakespeare instructor Sarah, she jokingly said she missed Bravo a little and I laughed...missing Bravo a little after only being done for 2 weeks is nothing, like a blip. When the Glee staff collage video was loaded at 1am today I snuck into the bathroom and watched it which led to me having to review everyone of my 300+ photos. Which reminded me I needed to write this. So here it is everyone, a sanctuary for many of us and a family to us all.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The not so entertaining days

And once home from the wonderment that was Ireland life settled into a very boring day-to-day.

When I returned to work I was immediately thrown into a fire that was one of our clients. They were unhappy with how ISSI was handling them as a client and was demanding a long list of changes. Which lead to me being told less than 5 minutes back that I would be going to Canada the next Monday.

The week toiled on with me sitting behind a computer - but yet making lists and lists on paper until it was time to travel.

The journey to Canada could not have been more complicated. When we got to the airport, lovely PHL had no air conditioning turned on in the middle of the July. Then after the long trek to our gate we found out the flight had been canceled. My supervisor and co-worker were safely booked onto the next flight, I was on standby.

After a few hours in a Chickies and Petes we headed over to the gate and miracle of miracles I made it on.

 Then at customs I was grilled... but my coworker was grilled far worse. Surprise #2, mine and my supervisor's bags were missing. Thankfully, they made it there around 4am the next day. The trip was a blur of notes and requests.

In fact, the next three weeks were a blur and half.

And then I left the company...

But more tomorrow because the next stuff is to much fun to put in such a boring update blog post!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A continuation on a theme

So now that I've possibly tweaked your interest with the details of my pre wedding summer, perhaps I can grab your attention with the wedding and honeymoon. So here goes.

Like with any wedding, anything that could have gone wrong did. But, all of those things were the cosmetic  things that only the Bride, her mother and maybe the groom would notice.

The start of the morning was at the hair dressers where they were of course, late getting my hair done. It resulted in me racing back to the hotel courtesy of my Aunt and flying into the tiny cottage with Jo'D where we frantically grabbed my things and raced across the lawn to the main cabin to dress me.

The bouquets...all wrong. The arch...beautiful. The centerpieces, nice but not as wowing as I'd thought. The Dj, didn't get our music list. The photographer didn't get all the photos we had wanted but did get absolutely amazing ones. The second wedding dress I bought because I couldn't breathe in the first...I couldn't breathe in that one either.

But the company was perfect and everything really was beautiful, even watching my new husband slightly intoxicated and playing with all the bubble wands he could fit into his hands.

We had an amazing Chinese dinner and then retired for wedding fun :) The next morning it was time to wake up and head off to the airport. We tried to make a Chipotle stop and after 3 unsuccessful stops we finally found one in Brookline that was opened and chowed down on some for the last time.

At the airport we met up with Jo'd who's flight was leaving right after us and found out my mom was delayed and his mom's flight was canceled all together. Thank you O'Hare! We took off and had the most amazing flight ever. Aer Lingus had all the bells and whistles - amazing food, a ton of movies and a lot of games.

Arrive Dublin! These were the most amazing 2 weeks ever. There are so many things I could gush over and so many things I could explain in detail. But really, they are things that words are not enough for.
Since I don't think words will do the splendor of the scenery any justice I will simply leave you with a quickly put together video with some of my favorite video snapsnots. Because in the end all that matters is the experience, and the experience was amazing.

Well I think that's enough to block your head up with for now :) Tune in tomorrow for another brief catch up post and soon after that you can stop reading about my boring past and get to current. Night all!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A (not so) Brief Rundown

So the where to start would be to catch everyone up on my crazy adventures this summer! Because let's face it, it wouldn't be a Lexi summer if it didn't involve an insane amount of running around from place to place and activity to activity.

Despite having graduated in December I would say my summer truly began with Emerson College Graduate program graduation. It was an amazing few days with friends that I haven't gotten to see in awhile.

Just a few of the journalism grads
Natalie, Jo'd and me: Night 2
From there the summer was off to an action packed start. I packed up a tiny suitcase filled with sequin dresses and too tall of shoes the first weekend in June for my bachelorette party.

What on earth can I say about this 2 day epic weekend...well let's just say it was a 2 day epic bachelorette party in Las Vegas. My mom and best, Jo'D, picked me up at the airport and we immediately raced to the Wynn - where our hotel room was - and I walked up the hallway to see a door decorated in caution tape.

There really is nothing I SHOULD say about this weekend. After all, between it being a bachelorette party and occurring in Vegas, perhaps discretion is a blessing. For all the things I shouldn't say but have no qualms showing, here is the weekend! Lexi's Bachelorette!!

Next thing I knew we were off to Cape Cod for the big day! Funny story...after driving for 5 hrs with 2 and half more to go I realized Mike's tux bag wasn't visible. So the ride went a little something like this.

"Hey hun, I hope you didn't crush your tux into the trunk since I don't see it hanging right now."

Mike's face cahnges from normal, to white, to sickly, to red as his knuckles grip the steering wheel.


Well ladie's and gents...he left it. Thankfully there was a Men's Wearhouse in the Hyannis mall and we were able to purchase a brand new one. Yup, purchase. So now only are there dresses hanging in the closet but a brand new tux too!

The weekend consisted of not one but two nights out at Cape Cod's Irish Pub. An amazing little pub with awesome music and cheap drinks. The girls started her Friday night and loved it so much we brought the boys and most of the family Saturday night. Free popcorn, $1 jello shots, music, friends and family made for awesome nights out.

The rehersal dinner was amazing. The views at The Ocean House  were amazing. The food was great but the drinks...well stay away from their custom mixed drinks. If I remember correctly they were a fail each and every time we tried one.  I do remember my maid of honor cracking up as I tripped to go take photos and then shortly after falling in a hole herself.

And now I must take my leave of posting. I fear this has gotten quite long and while I am attempting my hardest to write this I am engaged in a hypothetical conversation about bedazzeling a friends male parts and I find myself unable to comment any further. It has been a trip and half commenting with them and making an honest attempt to share my wedding weekend. Now I will take my leave and catch you wonderful people up more at a later date.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Everyone Get into a Circle Based on your Birthday....

That's how one of the most important things in my life starts every year. It is how they get everyone to meet everyone else and this is my attempt at that!

This is one of my first divulgences into the world of blogging. I say one of my firsts because throughout the years I keep attempting to start one...get three or five posts in and then poof! There goes the blogging. It is my hopes to be more attentive now. Especially since it's such a good thing for journalists to do!

Where to start. Perhaps a quick overview of myself, a snapshot in time if you will.

Where was I? Oh right. Me at a glance. I am 23 years old and recently married. My husband is a member of the USCG. Currently, we live in New Jersey and are anxiously awaiting the next step...the next unit. I have my BA in creative writing from UCR and my MA in journalism from Emerson College. The goal from those two? Write for Cosmopolitan Magazine. A girl can certainly dream.

I have many passions in life but few trump reading, shopping and animals. I have 3 awesome pups, a parrot and a terror of a rabbit! We've been known as the animal farm more by more than one person. I read to escape everything. Don't waste your time asking me what I read, or who my favorite author or favorite book is. I read everything and take it day by day. That being said, my heart will always flow towards Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, and Heather Grahman before any other authors.

Movies...what a subject. Picking a favorite is almost as important and difficult as picking with books. So I'll leave you with a few: The Mummy, P.S.  I Love You, Moulin Rouge, A Knights Tale,Evolution, Hercules and 13 Ghosts. My love will always be horror movies but recently, Hollywood has been letting me down in that department.

Random obsessions. I think everyone ought to have some of these. In the past few years I seem to have developed enough for a few people :). Reindeers...there is something absolutely wonderful and amazing about these fellas, I even make Mike get me something reindeer every Christmas. Lighthouses....they are so beautiful and representative. me where this one came from. I was shopping in Marshall's and saw one and BOOM! 

In terms of blood family, I have a very small one. No siblings, a few cousins. My husband is the same. Right before our wedding we had the realization that our poor children will have no aunts and uncles, no cousins and more importantly no grandfathers...guess that means it's up to the grandmothers to spoil them rotten whenever they make an appearance to the scene. But to me, that is no the only family I have. There are two very important families to add to that. The first would be my Bravo family Camp Bravo....well I won't say anything about it here because this post would never end. But I have been apart of that camp for 12 years and every year my family grows. The other is Delta Gamma. I love my sisters and cannot think of how I would've gotten through many moments in both undergrad and grad school without them.

Phew! I think that's enough to read for now :) So for tonight I will leave it here and start my first real weekly post tomorrow! Goodnight world!