Sunday, August 14, 2011

A continuation on a theme

So now that I've possibly tweaked your interest with the details of my pre wedding summer, perhaps I can grab your attention with the wedding and honeymoon. So here goes.

Like with any wedding, anything that could have gone wrong did. But, all of those things were the cosmetic  things that only the Bride, her mother and maybe the groom would notice.

The start of the morning was at the hair dressers where they were of course, late getting my hair done. It resulted in me racing back to the hotel courtesy of my Aunt and flying into the tiny cottage with Jo'D where we frantically grabbed my things and raced across the lawn to the main cabin to dress me.

The bouquets...all wrong. The arch...beautiful. The centerpieces, nice but not as wowing as I'd thought. The Dj, didn't get our music list. The photographer didn't get all the photos we had wanted but did get absolutely amazing ones. The second wedding dress I bought because I couldn't breathe in the first...I couldn't breathe in that one either.

But the company was perfect and everything really was beautiful, even watching my new husband slightly intoxicated and playing with all the bubble wands he could fit into his hands.

We had an amazing Chinese dinner and then retired for wedding fun :) The next morning it was time to wake up and head off to the airport. We tried to make a Chipotle stop and after 3 unsuccessful stops we finally found one in Brookline that was opened and chowed down on some for the last time.

At the airport we met up with Jo'd who's flight was leaving right after us and found out my mom was delayed and his mom's flight was canceled all together. Thank you O'Hare! We took off and had the most amazing flight ever. Aer Lingus had all the bells and whistles - amazing food, a ton of movies and a lot of games.

Arrive Dublin! These were the most amazing 2 weeks ever. There are so many things I could gush over and so many things I could explain in detail. But really, they are things that words are not enough for.
Since I don't think words will do the splendor of the scenery any justice I will simply leave you with a quickly put together video with some of my favorite video snapsnots. Because in the end all that matters is the experience, and the experience was amazing.

Well I think that's enough to block your head up with for now :) Tune in tomorrow for another brief catch up post and soon after that you can stop reading about my boring past and get to current. Night all!

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