Friday, August 12, 2011

A (not so) Brief Rundown

So the where to start would be to catch everyone up on my crazy adventures this summer! Because let's face it, it wouldn't be a Lexi summer if it didn't involve an insane amount of running around from place to place and activity to activity.

Despite having graduated in December I would say my summer truly began with Emerson College Graduate program graduation. It was an amazing few days with friends that I haven't gotten to see in awhile.

Just a few of the journalism grads
Natalie, Jo'd and me: Night 2
From there the summer was off to an action packed start. I packed up a tiny suitcase filled with sequin dresses and too tall of shoes the first weekend in June for my bachelorette party.

What on earth can I say about this 2 day epic weekend...well let's just say it was a 2 day epic bachelorette party in Las Vegas. My mom and best, Jo'D, picked me up at the airport and we immediately raced to the Wynn - where our hotel room was - and I walked up the hallway to see a door decorated in caution tape.

There really is nothing I SHOULD say about this weekend. After all, between it being a bachelorette party and occurring in Vegas, perhaps discretion is a blessing. For all the things I shouldn't say but have no qualms showing, here is the weekend! Lexi's Bachelorette!!

Next thing I knew we were off to Cape Cod for the big day! Funny story...after driving for 5 hrs with 2 and half more to go I realized Mike's tux bag wasn't visible. So the ride went a little something like this.

"Hey hun, I hope you didn't crush your tux into the trunk since I don't see it hanging right now."

Mike's face cahnges from normal, to white, to sickly, to red as his knuckles grip the steering wheel.


Well ladie's and gents...he left it. Thankfully there was a Men's Wearhouse in the Hyannis mall and we were able to purchase a brand new one. Yup, purchase. So now only are there dresses hanging in the closet but a brand new tux too!

The weekend consisted of not one but two nights out at Cape Cod's Irish Pub. An amazing little pub with awesome music and cheap drinks. The girls started her Friday night and loved it so much we brought the boys and most of the family Saturday night. Free popcorn, $1 jello shots, music, friends and family made for awesome nights out.

The rehersal dinner was amazing. The views at The Ocean House  were amazing. The food was great but the drinks...well stay away from their custom mixed drinks. If I remember correctly they were a fail each and every time we tried one.  I do remember my maid of honor cracking up as I tripped to go take photos and then shortly after falling in a hole herself.

And now I must take my leave of posting. I fear this has gotten quite long and while I am attempting my hardest to write this I am engaged in a hypothetical conversation about bedazzeling a friends male parts and I find myself unable to comment any further. It has been a trip and half commenting with them and making an honest attempt to share my wedding weekend. Now I will take my leave and catch you wonderful people up more at a later date.

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