Sunday, August 28, 2011

A new trend....indoor BBQ

So I just might be onto something lol. Why stand outside in the elements and get attacked by bugs when you can sit in the nice air conditioned living space, listen to music and sit on comfortable couches instead of plastic or rod iron patio furniture?

But really, last Sunday we had a very tiny indoor BBQ because our community doesn't allow the real deal. But we won't comment on that because that isn't what this blog is about! So I bet you're thinking:

"Indoor barbecuing? How does that work?"

Good news is I'm here to tell you! First get a George Foreman. I'm going to recommend one of his bigger models because let's face it, it's normally a large event. From there make sure you have all the essential ingredients alcohol wise - and throw in some raspberry chocolate wine and alcoholic whipped cream, for a dessert drink. Then grab some Just Dance and a cheesy movie like Labyrinth and you're good to go.

ahh the perfect way to indoor BBQ

And that is exactly what we did this Sunday. I picked up Kasey at the bus and Chris and Mike were drinking cokes when we got back...cokes lol. It's funnier when you know what we had in the fridge alcohol wise.

That about sums up the amazingness that was that night in terms of blogging. There were some absolutely wondrous versions of Just Dance 2 by the four of us as well as some VERY big forms of cheating *cough cough*.

Around 2am we called the dancing quits and after a ton of complaining on my part for steak and eggs I got up and made us all some. Popping in Labyrinth, because a certain two of us had no knowledge of the amazing movie we cuddled down onto the amazing couch to watch, before crashing in various rooms for the night :)

So indoor BBQ - cool or lame? I'm going to go with cool, you be the judge.

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