Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crime Scene in Deptford,NJ....culrpit? Icing.

 Ahh the hectic-ness that is my life at Halloween has calmed and stilled finally. When I had originally found time to write up a blog post and save it in a word document it had been about all the reasons why I love October - reasons that included but were not limited to Halloween. But alas, that word document has managed to remove itself with a little Halloween magic from my computer. I feel, since it is November, a post on why I love October would be a tidbit inappropriate or Inaprpro as my Bravo campers would say.

So this post has become about something near and dear to my heart now - the dangers of icing. Yes icing.

Photographic Evidence 1   
Now that you've gotten to have a good laugh and think things like, "She thinks icing is dangerous? What kind of nut job is she?" But honestly, it comes across like a sweet and innocent treat topping to many delicious baked goods. But it is really a double agent, something sinister used to suck up security deposits. I think anyone at my apartment for our Halloween party, as well as anyone who has been back and seen it since, would hastily agree.

This could make a great crime scene investigation story so I think I will let you all in on it that way.
Photographic Evidence2

#1: Seemingly innocent icing tubes.

#2: A semi decently iced cake for my husband's birthday. Not all the orange icing and the blood red used to do the writing on the cake. (Ignore the sprinkles - they aren't the culprit.)

Photographic Evidence 3

#3: The time when I decided it would be cute to shove my husbands face into the cake. If you take note, at this point I am in no way involved in the actual crime.

Photographic Evidence 4
 #4: The point where I realize it isn't working and I quickly pass off the camera and jump behind my husband in an attempt and thinking that a third person pushing his face towards the plate while two others push the plate towards his face, would work.

Photographic Evidence 5

#5: A point at which, sadly not captured on film, the cake burst into multiple fragments from the hands of so many on the plate and grabbing at little pieces of it to shove onto his face. Also, the point where things went down hill and many were injured by the icing.

Photographic Evidence 5

 #6: The point at which we all realized my husband was holding an empty plate and that the cake was up for grabs - and throwing.


 After one week, spot treatments, and two cleanings with a rented carpet cleaner the sneaky red icing is still lodged firmly into the fibers of the carpet, the beige on my costume and the entertainment unit in our living room.

I have presented you with the evidence and will let you decide just how the culprit should pay. For me, the answer is simple. Line the floor with plastic table clothes -so that cute Christmas tree cake I was going to make for our Holiday Party- end up splattered all over it and not the carpet in a few weeks!

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