Monday, October 24, 2011

Pick, Pick, Pick

So of course I am slacking with this....slacking and blogging are my middle name. Though I admittedly have gotten past the first post....9 times :) And  that is a feat I was not able to do the few other times I attempted blogging. Now that you've read my pathetic attempt at making myself feel better about slacking onward!

One of my favorite parts of the east coast has been my discovery of Pick your Own farms and Orchards. Now I'm sure the west coast has them splattered throughout. But out here, they seem to be everywhere you turn. I have a theory that it's because the west was developed as city and the east had been developed as farm land .... old habits die hard and all that.

When my mom brought my dogs we made a trip to a local Orchard, Linvilla Orchards. When we looked this place up it looked like the end all be all of pick your own areas. The list of things they grow by season nearly doubled others. From peaches to blackberries to eggplant and lots more. They have the traditional market where you can buy prepicked goods. But it didn't stop there. They had hayrides and even a fishing pond!

So those of you that have been to these are probably thinking: What does she enjoy about walking around and paying a ton of money for food she can get in the supermarket? The answer.... I have no idea! There is just something about being out in the countryside getting to pick my own fruit. Ok so maybe getting to watch my mom tug this around doesn't hurt. 

For me there is something so exciting about being out there and picking my fruit and in this instance my Veggies. There's just this joy when you look up into the apple tree and seeing a perfectly huge, dust covered red apple, just sitting there waiting for you to pick it. Or seeing them all on the ground, wondering how many of them were knocked over by hungry animals or dropped by parents who thought their kids had gone over board and picked too much.

Or looking down at feet searching for that perfect pepper and finding it, nestled safely between the leaves away from the teeth of the squirrels and the bugs. It's just rewarding.

And I know it's not like I grew the things myself, but getting to pick them that way (no pun intended) just feels so much for fun for when you cook. It's like "I picked this" each time you cut one up for an omelet or bite into a juicy peach.

Now just to make you all hungry I'm going to post the pictures of the beautifully vibrantly colored (and so far absolutely delish!) things we picked that day.

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