Saturday, September 24, 2011

The importance of GNO's

You always see these outrageous girl nights in movies and on some tv shows. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about because everyone does - guys you too. The ones where a group, normally 2-6 girls does one of two activities.

The essential elements for a Girls Night In.
1. They grab a sappy movie, nail polish, facial masks and a ton of alcohol.
2. They put on strappy shoes, big earrings and hit the bar.

Either way they are a crucial part of being a woman. An element to the female gender that is needed on a multitude of levels. Sometimes it's just because of a long week and a need to unwind. Sometimes it's a way to cheer themselves up after a bad night. Any way you look at it they all involve three crucial elements: Alcohol

No one knows better than me how important a social life is. Growing up I was always that girl doing 10 million things in a given day. When I hit the age when it was all about GNO's I was a member of a sorority and getting together with my sisters happened often. It wasn't always the alcohol induced craze you see in the entertainment world but it always involved a ton of fun. Then at 22 I was back living home in Vegas and lets be honest....there isn't any better place to do GNO's than Sin City. Except maye Boston - 100's of bars and the ability to drink as much as you want with the knowledge that there were hundreds of taxi's as well as walking distance to apartments.

Then I moved to NJ. Don't get me wrong, being with my husband was always important and never not an option. But the first job I obtained here had me working with people at least 10 years my senior and while I loved them, they weren't the type to go out, they had kids. So nights out were far and few inbetween and typically occurred when I went on vacay to other areas where I had friends.

But now, with sorority sisters, Bravo friends and work friends so close, GNO's are much more likely to occur.

Ironic that something that looks like this makes you look better later.
Nights in can't be overlooked. There is something that is just so much fun about getting trashed for cheap and dancing around a living space giggling and having (what you think at the time) heart felt conversations. It helps as a great way to unwind and a much cheaper alternative to putting on the glitz and glam and hitting the bars and having to worry about wandering hands and watching your alcohol consumption level when you're out to have fun.

My suggestions for the ultimate GNI?
1. romantic comedies are a must -- think P.S. I love you, Something Borrowed, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days type of movies.
2. Wine and tequila -- the wine is for the start of the night when you are pretending to be mature and sophisticated, the tequila speaks for itself.
3. A killer playlist to dance around too
4. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
5. Mudmasks and nail polish :)

Now while GNI's are amazing, there really isn't anything better than a straight forward GNO. Nothing beats getting glitzed up and really feeling good in your skin. Popping on that brighter shade of lipstick, those sparkling earrings and a pair of heels does an ego good. Now add in the fun of dancing with your girls and the attention and your ego is all repaired after just about any injustice. Yes I said it- we all know we like when a hot guy sits next to us and flirts, its in our genes to enjoy it. Besides we know we all love the random names bars give their specialty drinks...and what's more how good and how gross some of them are.

So it's the weekend. Go grab some beauty supplies and girly drinks and hit the town. I know I am.

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