Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Express Change

There's always this stigmata of working at a mall as an adult. Everyone has their own opinions on why "adults" shouldn't be employed at the mall.

"They don't pay enough."

"It's not a career job."

"The hours aren't there."

"It doesn't utilize your education."

Let's just say I had my own reasons for thinking that at 23, with a masters, it wasn't the spot for me. But, when I left my job I panicked and started to apply at the mall. I wasn't applying just everywhere, mainly the upscale stores I thought would be a better "mall job".

First stop: Express.

A store that I LOVE. They have it all - work clothes, play clothes, casual clothes - and the accessories to match. For the last 2 years (since I learned I can pull off most of their extra smalls) I have been living in their clothes. Perhaps more in the nightwear and business wear than the casual, but if you look down the wall of our closet 90% of the items are Express and every single one has some glitz and glam to it somewhere.

So when I interviewed and got the job I was so happy. I knew it would be a fun money job and nothing more but I was ready. Yes, a tad hesitant for many of the above stigmata but ready. And when I walked into the breakroom, past the musty racks of stock and to the table piled high with 5 folders and so many reading pamphlets I was in shock that this was all they did for a part time job.

Now I don't want to give away all the tricks of the trade but let's just say Express is not your typical retail job. This store is fashion at it's finest. The backroom is plastered with fashion do's and don'ts as well as magazine cutouts that feature Express clothes.

Maybe I was a little star struck at working in a store I love and everything but I can honestly say I'm excited. I love that it's so much more than just selling clothes. It's about helping people find that perfect outfit - and boy wasn't I shocked when in the few customers I rang up, 3 asked me for opinions and things they could add!

So while I sat on register that night, and straightened clothes, and got to meet some wonderful girls, my mind was mentally adding everything and anything that sparkled or shimmered into my list of what I'll be buying first.

Mall job, is it the most exciting thing for someone with a master's and loans? Of course not! But it's sure going to be an awesome way to make some extra money!

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